οι καλλιτέχνες

...η εμπειρία γνωστών μουσικών με τα έπιπλα baff είναι η απόλυτη επιβεβαίωση της ρυθμικής τους ταυτότητας και της μουσικής χρηστικότητας τους...

Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez
Drummer Santana, Steve Winwood

El Negro is Grammy-Winner and one of the best drummers worldwide. El negro plays with Stars like Santana, Steve Winwood, McCoy Tyne, Juan Carlos Formel oder Michel Camilo.

James Kottak 

The most known Rock-Drummer James Kottak from the Band THE SORPIONS plays on the music-chair from baff. At the Tour with the most known german Rockband he featured our baff music-furniture. Thank you, James.

Fritz Rau
concert promoter

Fritz Rau brought Rolling Stones, Tina Turner and many more to Germany and is the most known german concert-promoter. He says about baff:"baff is the best invention after the instrument itself!"

Marsellus Puhlemann
Nina Hagen

Marcellus Puhlemann is drummer of the band Nina Hagen and is touring with our music-chairs.

Ricardo Espinosa

Ricardo is Frontman of DRUM OLE and one of the best Cajon-Players in Europe, especially in the Flamenco-Scene.

Swiss Chris 
Drummer Snoop Dog, Elton John

Swiss Chris is drummer from artists like Sir Elton John, Kayne West, Snoop Dog, Gloria Gaynor, Wyclef Jean, Laurel Hill and plays as well baff music furniture.

beatbox Champion

He is known fron german TV-Show "The Supertalent" and he has his own Baff Design as our beat-BOX. Robeat is one of the most talented beatBOXER in the scene and make magic with his mouth.

Cesaer Zuiderwijk
Golden Earring

Drummer-Legend from the Netherlands Cesar Zuiderwijk is known as the Drummer of the world-wide known Band The GOLDEN EARRING and is as well a Endorser of baff music-furniture.

Carlos Serrano del Rio

Percussionist Carlos Serrano del Rio is baff Endorser and as well artist of DRUM OLΕ´. Carlos is one of germans best percussion player and plays with artist like CHAKA KHAN, SYDNEY YOUNGBLOOD, GIPSY KINGS, HADDAWAY and JOY FLEMMING.

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